Monday, 8 October 2012

Money Money Money!!!!

I felt it important to put a few thoughts down in print in relation to Public Trustee Remuneration, its a hot topic and resurfaces frequently, but with the daily barrage of scandal, corruption, mismanagement and cronyism which bombards us as our inept Government lurches from one drama to another, the last couple of weeks its been O'Reilly and it is moving on to Gilmore and deservedly so.
It is important to understand basic common sense when it comes to Public Trustee's, the people that we the citizens of Ireland have picked from a motley bunch of chancers who put themselves forward every five years and portray themselves as the the best of the best to look after the interests of our little country.
I always became a little uneasy during the boom when I heard the term "Ireland Inc", this term seemed to permeate all levels of society, I heard it nightly on the news, current affairs programmes etc.. I was very dismayed that we seemed to have forgotten that Ireland is a society, a culture, a way of life and we were running a definite risk of losing our identity and allowing economic reasoning take over entirely.

My understanding of the role of a nationally and locally elected official and their motivations was always that they were a person to be revered as they had stepped up to the plate, they had overpowering ambitions enshconsed in a deep sense of civic duty and care for their fellow citizen with a burning desire to improve the lives of everyone who lived in our little country, this was taught to me by both my father and history itself, I studied the founders of our state and the many who gave their lives in the search for freedom, democracy and self determination for our nation which had been subjucated for so many many years.

Now! I look on at the past 20 years in particular with utter and total dismay!
I have witnessed a litany of successive politicians from all the main parties concern themselves only with self enrichment and "featherbedding", cronyism and downright criminal corruption, this is still the case to this day and again successive public trustee's have taken this misuse of public funds to ever more unbelievable levels, I know this is sickening to hear and we have all heard over and over again but I feel it is imperative to continually remind anybody who will listen of this blatant theft of Irish Taxpayers money.
Lets look at some cold hard facts: I always find detail in the cold light of day is impossible to spin and twist:
Mario Monti is the "unpaid" head of the Italian Government! Yes "UNPAID"!
I do not agree with the fact that he was appointed and not democratically elected, I am not sure of his motives, they may be not whiter than white but anybody would have to acknowledge his "chutzpah" and his attempt to show up his counterparts, his attempt to display his loyalty and national pride by taking on the job at NO Pay, he did not have to do it! now lets stand our own Enda Kenny beside him: with his, close to 200k a year, more than the American president! lets stand Enda next to the Danish Prime Minister who earns half what Enda does and who incidentally, leads a country which is providing €400 million in the bailout programme to Ireland, good god! how stupid must they feel, it is not surprising that Denmark would come out and say that Ireland should have no deal on its Bank Debt!
We are subjected to Enda Kenny on the cover of Time magazine, portrayed as the saviour of Ireland and Eamonn (Givememore) Gilmore in New York addressing the UN! and attempting to play the "big man" on Bloomberg News while his junior minister battles with her boss in public at home in Ireland, over primary health care sites for a country with a third world health service!
These two public embarrassments will say that they are making huge gains in repairing the image of Ireland overseas, anyone who believes that deserves everything they get, we look like complete chancers overseas.

I would like to remind folks of the major stroke! one of the most serious slight of hands which took place at the height of the Celtic Tiger when, the Fianna Fail clowns linked politicians remuneration directly with Senior Civil Servants, this was a free hand to award themselves massive pay increases as there would be no objections from Civil Servants from Principle Officer upwards as they would get the same increases incrementally, that is when the horse bolted altogether! the opposition at the time FG and Labour never uttered a word, they knew it would be their turn soon!
We saw the stampede of appointments to Quangos and Boards by Fianna Fail which took place in the dying days of their term and then the rash of Fine Gael appointments to boards, quango's and the Judiciary which took place as soon as they got into power, this was payback to the hardworking (stroke) supporters.

The only politician I will vote for in the future as long as we, the Irish people are on the hook for 80+ billion of speculation debt is a politician who agree's to serve the Irish Public for free! NO PAY! lets face it most of them can afford it, most have other business interests, most are married to professional partners, enough is enough! let Public Representation mean what it is! we have to break the monetary attraction of Irish Politics,
Let them serve for free or at the very most! the average Industrial wage, limit expenses, every other citizen of this country has to get to work under their own steam and at their own expense, pay for their own clothes, pay for their own lunch, these people are no different! there is nothing special about them! they are not priviledged, let them work or get out!

In the name of God, Wake Up Ireland
Break it down to simple matters, if it looks wrong and sounds wrong, it is WRONG!
Don't accept it, you do not have to!
Join one of the many group's who are organising to confront these leeches!
Stand Up and be counted!
Before it is too late!
Peace to you all.

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